First response: OMG!!!! We literally have no words!!! The film was perfect and better than anything we could have imagined!!! You both captured every single detail and every single emotion of that day. It was amazing to relive it all over again, and it definitely brought us both to tears! It was truly incredible, and we are beyond happy with it and our decision to hire you both. Thanks again SO much!!!!!



"There are a lot of things I associate with Blake, but if I'm being honest, the first thing that popped into my head was...Little Caesar's pizzeria.

So with that being said, I got a little gift under here for you both...these are Little Caesar's t-shirts with Mr. and Mrs. on the back so that way you're always reminded to keep your and ready."



"Seven years ago, I got a phone call from Blake...and he said, "Do you know a guy named Jeff Medernach?" And Blake said, "I'm talking to his daughter right now." What a remarkable coincidence that two guys, 35 years removed and hundreds of miles away...their children came together. And I have every confidence in the world, that you two are going to have a wonderful life together."