First response: We L-O-V-E our video!! Truly, you both did an excellent job capturing the essence of our wedding weekend. We cannot wait to share with our family and friends.

Instagram post: Our wedding video is FINALLY here! So many feelings as we relived the most magical weekend of our lives. Hope you enjoy. Cue the waterworks!



"I've had a recurring dream since I was five where I would be waiting under a gazebo, unsure exactly what or whom I was waiting for. I look in the distance and there's someone dressed in black on a white horse galloping towards me with such urgency...and always, without fail, I wake up before I catch a glimpse of his face. However, since I met you, that face is yours...and the dream has stopped happening. My heart knows it's finally found the man on the horse. It was destined."



"Words can't describe the love I have for you. I admire your heart and your care for others...and I admire the thoughtfulness you bring to everything you do. I vow to always be your good thing. The one thing you can always rely on and never need to worry about. Our journey as a family has just begun, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. Ishani, you are the person that I choose to spend forever with. You are my monkey, my circus, and I love you."