When wedding planning, my husband and I knew we had to have the most perfect videographers for us. We watched so many videos from different vendors, and Erin and Doyle’s eye for creating touching and high-quality wedding videos sold us right away. I cannot say enough good things about them. They were wonderful people to work with, so much fun and easy to communicate with not to mention their work is brilliant, our wedding video makes us laugh and cry, and it will be something we watch for the rest of our lives. If you want a videographer to tell your wedding day story authentically and express who you are—hire Hillhound hands down!



"Today marks 1,917 days since I saw you for the first time and said those immortal words: "There she is."

I promise to always tell you that I love you more.

I promise to always be your player two, even if you don't wanna play anymore.

I promise to be right there next to you for everything, not just the major stuff.

I promise to hold your hand ever night as we go to sleep.

Above all, I promise to remember this moment forever."



"My heart knew you and your love long before we ever met. You were the one I waited for, and I never settled for anything less.

I promise to support all of your wildest dreams and ideas. 

I promise to never only use salt and pepper to flavor food.

I promise I will always walk beside you through whatever our lives may bring.

I promise to never let you accidentally eat lettuce.

I promise to always make our love and happiness the priority."