Reliving this day through the amazing video Hillhound Productions created for us is so, so special. When people say your wedding goes by in the blink of an eye, they couldn’t be more right. Which is why this video means so much — if you’re planning a wedding: hiring a videographer is more than worth it! Ours just really understood what we were looking for & captured the love, the emotions, and the FUN that encapsulated our day perfectly. We’ve rewatched this together (and cried tears of joy probably 17 times already. Can’t wait to celebrate each anniversary with this on the big screen, lots of pizza, and some (ok, also lots) of champagne.



"Sarah, I'm so happy and thankful that today I get to marry my best friend and soulmate. You make me happier than I could ever imagine and more loved than I ever thought possible. I truly consider myself to be the luckiest guy in the world that I get to be part of your life, which now, today, becomes our life.

I promise to support a family with you in a home filled with love and a sh*t ton of dogs.

And lastly, I promise that when we're old and gray, we'll look back on our lives together and have no regrets...except maybe Charlie."



"Sam, you're the calm to my storm, the ranch to my pizza, the rom- to my -com. Long story short, you are my best friend and my soulmate all in one. I promise we're going to have an absolutely incredible rest of our lives together.

I promise to be there through the good times and the celebrate your joy and to comfort you when the Patriots lose, which will be often throughout our marriage.

And most importantly, thank you for loving me exactly as I am. I love you so much, Sam. I am, and will always be your biggest fan."